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Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders
My love of art and desire to craft has followed me throughout my entire life. I cannot remember a time when I was not creating, from the arts in school to my present role as designer/teacher.

Born, raised, and involved in a small town, I recognized the need for women, like myself, to get together and share their love of art and crafting. During a 10 year span and while raising my three beautiful girls I taught a number of different workshops, including scrapbooking, from a studio in my home. Classes grew and space became tight, so along with the support of my wonderful husband my store "The Workshop" was born in 2005. The store is now home to many crafters and it's wonderful new owner Sheri. I continue to create and teach a variety of classes and run events. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than being able to bring women together to share their love of art through crafting.

Along with having the pleasure of running a successful scrapbooking store, I was also privileged to be part of the design team for Elmers Glue. I have also taken pleasure in working alongside Eventive Marketing Inc. to create scrapbooks for the Children's Wish Foundation.

Now as part of the ScrapFest team, I'm excited and look forward to teaching and sharing my ideas. I like to keep my projects clean, simple and teachable, while thinking outside the box, taking each project to the next level. I hope you can join me. I know you'll enjoy my fun and creative workshops.

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